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Before, let me see what's Pordede about.

Find, Discover, Filter...

more movies, tv shows, documentarys that you can think of.

  • Find among a collection of 15.000 TV Shows and 50.000 movies.
  • Filter by Year, Genre, Language, Quality and more options
  • Discover Endless possibilites, one click away.

View online, Download, Share.

Do it your way, you choose how you share.

You decide how you want to share, every moment requires a different approach, don't self-limit your options.

Our mission is to be a shared space where anyone who wishes so, will be able to share its interests and hobbies in form of links, images or reviews and comments.

What are you waiting for to join us?

Your collection.

Follow your TV Shows, track the movies you've seen, the ones you want to see, and your favorites.

Keep track of your TV Shows, we let you know when there are new episodes. Mark your favorite movies as so, and keep a list of the ones you've yet to see.

Also, you will get personalized recommendations soon.

Tailored to your needs.

Watch only what you want to. Your pordede is unique for you, we adapt to you.

You will be able to follow:
Lists, Friends, Stars, Directors, and therefore get updates from all the things and people you really care.

  • You'll be able to filter the content, so you'll only see what you're interested for.
  • ¿You can't stand CAM's? No problem
  • Do you like VO? We've got it covered

Are you in?

Pordede is in private beta, and you can only access it if you have an invitation. You can try to ask a friend, or follow us on twitter or facebook where we usually give some away.
You can also ask for one in the net, people usually share 'em gladly.

Leave us your email, and we will keep you in the waiting list.

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